Looking Good - Feeling Good In Coleraine

information Mar 06, 2020


(1) Health and Wellbeing feature opportunity 

Could your organisation benefit from being part of a brand new Health and Wellbeing publication in 2020? A focus on all our very best local organisations!

(No charge to Coleraine BID members )

Click here to return the attached registration form now to get involved.



(2) Call for Easter 2020 Ideas

Planning is underway to run a fun programme of activities in Coleraine and promote this across various media channels.  We want to hear any ideas or suggestions to make this event even better.  Email - [email protected] 



(3) Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Business Continuity Information for Coleraine BID members.

The following information may be useful, especially to our independent businesses who may not have an HR function.

About Coronavirus
The Coronavirus, which seems to have originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, is a potentially lethal condition that bears similarities to SARS. It...

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